The Bavarian Motorcycles Ultimate Service Plan has been created solely with the Bavarian Motorcycles customer in mind and is available from our dealership in Centurion, Pretoria South Africa for a once-off fixed price. You can rest assured that only original BMW Parts are used and your BMW Motorcycle is in the expert hands of trained professionals using state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, ensuring that your BMW warranty is maintained.

Bavarian Motorcycles Ultimate Service Plan is an exciting new product offered exclusively to Bavarian Motorcycles’ customers, giving our customers hassle-free, convenient motorcycle servicing. The Ultimate Service Plans fixed upfront premium which is calculated on pre-selected months and kilometres, not only ensures that there are no hidden costs, but provides peace-of-mind sheer riding pleasure for individuals looking for efficiencies and cost savings.

The first step towards sheer riding pleasure with Bavarian Motorcycles’ Ultimate Service Plan: essential service and maintenance work is covered in this service plan.

  • Engine oil service plus top-ups
  • Service of micro filter, air filter, spark plugs, air, fuel and electrical service components
  • Brake fluid change, engine, brake, cooling, gearbox and final drive system as specified by the manufacturer
  • All parts required for a service, as per the manufacturers service schedule
  • Labour required for all services
  • Consumables
  • Critical safety checks plus further services specified in the service manual
  • Technical campaigns / service actions brought up-to-date
  • Latest software upgrades
  • Maximum quality guaranteed through highly skilled BMW trained experts
  • Maximum safety through the guaranteed use of original BMW parts
  • Maximum chance of a high re-sale value of the motorcycle
  • Paying for tomorrow’s services at today’s prices 
  • Term and kilometre flexibility to suit your needs
  • The risk of inflation minimised
  • The Ultimate Service Plan is not transferable as it is VIN specific, adding to the re-sale value of the motorcycle

The following terms and kilometre options are available; which covers all future servicing costs for a period or a set amount of kilometres, whichever occurs first.

  • 2yrs / 20 000kms, includes annual inspections (includes 1 000km,10 000km & 20 000km’s)
  • 2yrs / 30 000kms, includes annual inspections
  • 3yrs / 30 000kms, includes annual inspections
  • 3yrs / 40 000kms, includes annual inspections
  • Replacement of front & rear tyres
  • Replacement of front & rear brake pads or discs
  • Replacement of clutch
  • Replacement of fuel pump, hoses and connections
  • Replacement of cables and operating levers
  • Electrical system, computer boxes and control units
  • Globes, visual and instrument components
  • Cosmetic repairs
  • Damage to operating equipment and wheels
  • Engine, gearbox and drive train repairs
  • Non-service oil and shaft seals
  • Luggage systems and additional accessories
  • Fork seals
  • Front and rear ESA suspension and steering
  • Cooling system / radiator and water pump
  • Exhaust System

The Ultimate Service Plan is available on all new and pre-owned BMW Motorcycles. Only pre-owned motorcycles which are less than 10 years old with less than 100,000 km's qualify for the Ultimate Service Plan, but are subject to an on-site inspection before a quotation for an Ultimate Service Plan can be issued.

The Ultimate Service Plan is exclusively offered by Bavarian Motorcycles and can only be used at Bavarian Motorcycles in Centurion, Pretoria South Africa.


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