Extended Warranty

Extend the life of your BMW Motorcycle with a Bavarian Motorcycles Ultimate Extended Warranty, which covers you in the event of mechanical breakdown and or electrical failure, exclusively available at Bavarian Motorcycles in Centurion.

Our Ultimate Extended Warranty provides cover as per the benefits schedule in the policy document on items such as:

Benefits Schedule

  • Engine: All internal components, excluding decarbonisation, burnt valves and blown cylinder head gaskets and any additional damage occurring as a result of overheating or overfueling.
  • Transmission: All internal components, including clutch, plus gear lever and linkages
  • Drive train: Shaft driven – all internal components, excluding chain and spockets
  • Suspension: Shock absorbers, swing arms, bushes and springs.
  • Braking System: Master cylinder, servo unit, discs and callipers, drums and wheel cylinders. Frictional material is not covered.
  • Fuel System: Mechanical and electrical fuel pumps and injectors.
  • Electrical Components: Starter coil, starter motor (including ring gear).
  • Electronic Ignition: All solid state and triggered units.
  • Cooling System: Radiator, water pump, welsh plugs and thermostat
  • Alarms & Immobilisers: Control units, excluding remotes and batteries, limited to one claim per policy.
  • Strip & Quote
  • Oils & Consumables
  • Roadside assistance through AA Fleetcare;

    • AA towing services
    • Changing of a flat tyre
    • Out of fuel – provision of fuel to a maximum of 5 litres
    • Jump start – limited to 2 calls per year
    • Minor roadside running repairs, includes electrical, coil, immobiliser, battery related breakdowns
  • Motorcycle Recovery Charges
  • Motorcycle Hire (limited)
  • Hotel accommodation for out of town breakdowns (>100km’s)
  • Instalment Payment Protection

Opting for our Ultimate Extended Warranty will provide you with the cover, safety and peace of mind you need.


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